About the Chapter

The Annapolis Chapter was established in XXXX and currently has over 50 members who reside or visit the Annapolis area.

Our chapter area covers the Annapolis, MD area.

The aims of the Chapter are as follows:

  • To foster the interests of our country, the Naval Service and the U. S. Naval
  • To perpetuate the friendships and associations formed by the members through their common experience and interest in the Naval Academy and the Naval Service, and to promote camaraderie among the Naval Academy alumni.
  • To interest and guide young men and women who desire a naval career and who give promise to being a credit to the Naval Service.

These aims are entirely patriotic, fraternal and philanthropic, and are not for the private financial advantage of the Chapter or any member.

If you are a resident of our chapter area or visit or have a connection that you want to strengthen with our members, please join the Annapolis Chapter.